When is it ok to compromise quality?

This weekend we packed up the littlest kids and trucked them over to the aunt & uncle's house early Saturday morning. Our mission? Cleaning out the garage which has, over the holidays and last six months, become the dumping ground of partially finished projects and the victim of my latest office remodeling overflow. I wondered how things got into such a state. We didn't intend the garage to look like this. Just last spring we had it cleaned and everything was neatly in its place. Exactly the opposite of a thief in the night, items began to appear almost immediately and at random. A dropped off item, something that didn't belong elsewhere in the house, something that we really wanted…

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“Storming” your Development Team

Due to the great 2019 Post-Superbowl "Snowpocalypse" which has just started to thaw in Seattle, I wanted to pull forward one of my planned posts aptly named "'Storming' your Development Team." I've had the honor of being part of many development teams in my twenty-year career of professional software development. They all had a similar structure, with common titles we're most familiar with in scrum: Scrum Master, QA Lead, Lead & Sr. Engineers, Product Owner, Business Analyst, etc. People in these teams have had vastly different experience and skill levels, but all teams had to go through the same progression stages outlined below. Early in my career, I was introduced to the Tuckman stages of group development. This can apply…

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