I think I can, I think I can

No, this wasn’t a pasting accident in the title.  No, it’s probably not grammatically correct.  I was putting our toddler to bed the other day and the book she picked out was one about a little blue train.  The book was well worn and the little blue toy train that I imagine came with it was missing. I had to use my finger and imagination to guide this invisible train through the tracks that followed it’s winding journey on each page. This train story was a perfect analogy to life in general and the need for a positive outlook (see “Have to vs. Get to”.) In the past, I’ve been put in several scenarios where success was not a foregone…


A Teachable Spirit

One of the hardest things to teach someone is how to learn. As children we are all naturally inquisitive; put my 2-year-old in a room with crayons and she will naturally figure out how they taste, what they are for, and most often what you should absolutely never do with them. When it comes to crayons, she is teaching us more about what we can and cannot leave around in her play area. In my professional career, it's been a continuing journey to learn as much as I can about new technologies, while also passing along as a servant-leader to teach others what I have learned. Each December/January, I find myself scouring the latest leadership books in hopes of finding…

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